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school grounds by way of a letter from church officials that gave him permission to be there. >> there is a section of the penal code that allows registered sex offenders to be on school property. >> there's a statute in the penal code where it says a registered sex offender can be on school grounds as long as they have written permission from schooling officials. >> reporter: sheriff's investigators are trying to verify that letter. a spokesperson would not tell us whose side the letter, which nbc has learned was typed and on church stationery. she does say the diocese is now launching its own investigation. >> the diocese of san jose has a policy in place, a policy with regard to that incident was not followed. we are actively investigating what happened here. and we want to ensure the safety of our children, young adults and vulnerable population. >> the diocese policy is for any
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volunteer with the church working with children. that policy also says anyone who is a registered sex offender is strictly prohibited from working with kids. some say the church didn't do enough. >> i think that's crazy when there's kids around, somewhere where there's children, and anyway, they should be checking the background checkers. >> mark gurry is no longer a volunteer at the church and is working with all its parishes to make sure the diocese policies on volunteers are followed. the diocese will not tell us whether or not mr. gurry was fingerprinted by the church before he volunteered. reporting live in san jose, mary ann favreau, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is expected back on the practice field tomorrow after he spent the day undergoing a minor procedure at stanford hospital today. doctors found an irregular
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heartbeat. apparently he saw the doctor last night after feeling ill, and they recommended he check into stanford hospital to undergo this procedure. team members were surprised, but not worried when they arrived for practice today. one player was heard joking that harbaugh always said he was tougher than a $2 steak. congratulations to buster posey. the giants catcher was named the national league's most valuable player. the announcement was made a little over an hour ago. the 25-year-old has been everything the giants thought he would be and more. he bounced back from that horrific injury and becomes the first national league catcher to win this prestigious award since 1972. we caught up with pozzi and his family today in his hometown of leesville, georgia. >> i think it's an accomplishment that is shared with the whole giants organization. it starts at the top with a great ownership. front office, putting great guys on the field, and it's a great place to come and play ball
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every day. very fortunate, it's a great environment. and, you know, i think -- we've seen over the past couple years how passionate our fans are. i'm very fortunate to be playing in san francisco. >> it looks like the whole town of leesville was behind him. it's hard to believe they're all living in a house in san jose. he's the first player to win the mvp since barry bonds in 2004. have your umbrella handy, rain is moving into the bay area. jeff ranieri is tracking the storm in the nbc bay area weather center. >> two developing storm systems as we head throughout the next 72 hours. radar scanning around, not finding much here at the moment. but as we zoom out, what you're going to find is showers building offshore. we start to get a little bit of that tonight. we're going to save some of that heaviest activity for tomorrow on friday. temperatures also dropping off, winds increasing.
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los gatos in the low 70s. two hours, numbers dropping into the mid-60s as winds have gusted as high as 22 miles per hour, it's not just one storm again on friday. but a second storm system on sunday. coming in quick succession, that could even bring us a few flooding concerns for the higher elevations near the coastlines and also the north bay. we'll talk about the rain totals and when the first raindrops arrive coming up in my full forecast. were we all misled about the rising gas prices this year? state lawmakers are on the case. an oregon based researcher shared the results of the recent study. the researcher says his data suggests refineries continue to operate during times they were reportedly shut down for maintenance. and gas inventories were in some cases growing, while consumers paid more at the pump. >> if we do no, that which we've seen this year will only repeat itself in years to come, and the spikes we saw in october might
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look to be minor spikes compared to what we could have in the future. >> a spokesman for the refinery industry says refineries are already highly regulated and insist the spikes in price were nothing more than a result of supply and demand following unplanned outages and that fire at the richmond chevron plant. students upset with possible tuition increases blocked the streets around the u kc regents meeting today. the regents have asked the state for $276 million so that it won't have to raise tuition next year at uc campuses. a spokesperson for the regents say prop 30 funds will help stabilize the system, but they still lost $900 million in state funding over four years. this made international headlines this week. the motor trend car of the year. it's a big deal. and where does that car come from? not germany, not detroit, how about freemont. our business and tech reporter skod bud man got the keys to the
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brand new tesla model s. did you get to keep the keys? >> no, that would have been nice. let's get the bad news out of the way. the model s starts at $50,000, that's after a federal rebate. the top of the line 300 miles on a charged version. it costs about $100,000. the big question about tesla has not been about the price, it's still expensive and for a while they will be. can they do it? can they deliver a luxury car with high performance without anything to do with gas? and they have everything you could ever want it's beautiful, it drives great. no gas. this car uses technology in a way we've never seen before. and it has not only the technology that allows you to drive without gas, and the electric battery and all that. it has the technology which is essentially the dashboard all in
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one giant 17 inch screen. it looks like a giant ipad, and you use it to touch screen your way through climate control, your music, gps. it's interesting. those of us who are just getting used to tablet computers, it takes a minute to get used to this dashboard. the next generation, it's going to be complete second nature to them. >> i noticed you were following the speed limit there? >> unlike a gas car which gradually builds speed. because it's an electric battery, it's ready to go. you hit it and you're up there instantly. that's why it accelerates so fast. a lot of people would forgive a little bit of performance knowing you never have to go to the gas station, but it gives you all the performance of a high end car. it's just going to cost quite a bit just to get in. it's not the car for all of us, but they're on their way, and with this one, they really
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deliver. >> you look so good behind the wheel, scott. >> one of the very few cars in the bay area that will still turn heads. still ahead at 5:00, mitt romney on the offense. what the former presidential candidate is saying before obama supporters that even has some of his own supporters cringing. and guy fiotti fires back. you've seen his art all over san francisco. now, meet the man who's dedicated his life hand painting every single cable car. good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures have cooled off. clouds are increasing, and here comes the rain, it's starting to build offshore. we're not only tracking rain for the bay area. more sierra snow. winter weather advisory in place. we'll talk about your wet weekend coming up in a few minutes.
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leon panetta ordered the pentagon to investigate why an alarming number of generals and admirals have been involved in ethical lapses. he made the request from thailand where he's representing the u.s. in the signing of a joint vision statement to strengthen military ties to the two countries. in the statement, panetta did not mention the affair by david petraeus. but did say, while the vast majority of officers abide by traditional ethical standards. he's concerned about the spike in alleged behavior, misbehavior among a rising number of officers in the military. the commander in chief toured the east coast today, president obama visited new york city. and specifically staten island and saw the devastation left behind by super storm sandy. he thanked volunteers who have handed out millions of maeals. 400,000 people have asked for emergency aid from fema. several high profile
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republicans tonight are distancing themselves from mitt romney after his comments about why president obama won the electi election. in a phone call last night, romney asserted the president won by giving out gifts to minorities and young people. citing specifically immigration proposals and free contraception coverage for women. at the end of the meeting, several party leaders predicted the gop will lose again if it keeps running the same playbook of remarks instead of outlining detailed policies. here's the good news, it didn't happen a week from now, during the thanksgiving holiday. thousands of passengers around the world were stuck at airports after a major computer glitch. about 250 flights were delayed. that affected traffic all over the country obviously. united officials say the computer problem was corrected and normal operations resumed within a couple hours. this was the third major outage that united has suffered since june.
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a wild car chase through san francisco ended with a crash and sent a biker to the hospital. serena barros was arrested for dui and it's not the first time. she's been arrested at least three times before, she was driving with a suspended license. the chase started early this morning when the woman tried to drive through a closed onramp near the bay bridge. officers chased her into the city where she hit a parked car, which then rolled into a cyclist near 17th and van necessary. he was transported to the hospital. the cyclist was treated and released. the poor guy had to defend himself, guy fietti fires back. he responded to the scathing view in the new york times. not only did the times reviewer not like his new times square restaurant. he slammed it with a series of sarcastic questions. the critic described the drinks and food as nuclear waste.
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>> to me it's impossible to come in and have a dining experience and have every single thing wrong, unless you come in with a different agenda and you want to sensationalize something and blow it out of the water. it's a great way to make a name for yourself. >> he hit him hard. gary is from santa rosa, and owns the restaurant tech wasabi and johnny garlic. he worked hard on that times square restaurant. he and his staff are trying hard to get it right every night. yesterday we told you about an 1890 cable car restored and repainted by muny and put back into service. >> the car marked the end of an era for cable car workers. the cable car painter who left his mark in the heart of san francisco. >> the cable cars, a staple of
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the skyline. as they lumber past, few realize they're admiring the work of a local painter. >> he worked on the cable cars for 29 years. since 1983. >> for three decades he put the fine touches of the city's cable cars from the hand painted numbers to the silk screen graphics. >> he was the detail artist for all the detailing that you see. he has painted every single one. >> this is a silk screen, and it's made by burnell. >> he worked his mathic in the paint shop, muny's cable car barn. >> this is the kind of work that he put on these cars. >> fellow painter larry harris said burnell provided in every
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car. >> really the people of san francisco were lucky to have an artist who did such good work for their cable cars. >> there are 40 cable cars in the city's fleet, burnell's brush touched them all. the paint job on car 26 will be his last. burnell is now hospitalized with stage four cancer. on wednesday. muni celebrated the restoration of car 26. his family was on hand as its inaugural run dedicated in its honor. painters said burnell's loss marked the end of the old time way of doing things. his daughter said his work lives on. every time the car leaves the barn. >> when i come in to work every day, and i see cable cars, i would think to myself, my dad was a part of that cable car. >> joe rosato, jr. nbc bay area news. >> what a great mark he left on
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the city. >> here's jeff ranieri. not only rain, but also sierra snow, that looks to be amping up a little more than original estimates yesterday. >> let's get a look at that doppler radar right now. we're going to talk about some showers getting close here in a moment. let's get a look at where we had some very comfortable temperatures, a little above average today in gilroy. san jose cooled off to 69 in san rafael. also 69. here's the thing to remember. at 76 and gilroy, it's going to be dropping quite a bit tomorrow 56 degrees. and introducing that chance of rain. may feel cold for you tomorrow. it's going to be where it should be for this time of the year. we're tracking this next batch of showers, already offshore, not any kind of heavy rainfall. making a b-line toward the north bay, santa rosa over the next 2, 2 and a half hours could be getting in on some of that activity.
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across the sierra. few areas of scattered showers right now. a little bit of light snow mixing in, nothing heavy at this point. we have a winter weather advisory for the sierras, where we could see 4 to 8 inches possible. about 6,000 to 7,000 feet. winds about 40 miles an hour. definitely some snowfall coming your way. numbers on the board right now, in the upper 50s and low 60s, let's take you live outside at this hour. you can see in san jose, a lot of traffic right now. a lot of red lights, and also the cloud cover increasing up above. the active pattern continues across the bay area. we have sub tropical moisture in the south, that's going to stay mainly for los angeles. it's going to continue to move in over the next 24 hours, and not only the storm system for friday. but quickly on the heels of it, another storm system right out there as we head into sunday's forecast. so moving in quick succession
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right behind each other. there will be concern for flooding in the mountains of santa cruz and the north bay. for friday, rain returns and as we head throughout saturday, a chance of isolated thunderstorms that could produce a little bit of hail. just because that air's so cold. tonight a little bit of spotty shower activity to the north bay. we're going to see more of that consistent rainfall for the morning hours friday. most of it looks to be in the north bay. throughout the day, be those scattered hit and miss showers. it's not going to be until the evening hours right now. that we'll see the widespread rainfall coming back from the north bay to the south bay. nonetheless, keep that umbrella handy all day friday morning. heavier pockets of rain possibly embedded thunderstorms could pop up in the morning hours. at least 36 hours of on and off rainfall expected for the bay area with the first storm, half inch of rainfall, winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. the second storm on sunday could see a half inch of rain with potentially a few flooding
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concerns for higher elevations. numbers tomorrow going into the low 60s, right about where we should be for this time of year. we're going to be out at safeway this upcoming saturday. you just head to the register with one of those and you can help us to reach our goals. in your seven-day forecast, we have the rain returning as we head throughout friday. and for saturday, a chance of thunderstorms, and the second storm system arriving on sunday with morning rain. so the best day for the weekend is in the afternoon on sunday. and we stay cool as we head throughout next week. >> and we're all going to safeway? yes. >> a deadly boost, one of the fastest selling drinks in the nation is linked to deaths and health issues. and a california couple with big bragging rights tonight. why these triplets are now world record holders.
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in health matters, the fda is investigating a possible link between five hour energy shots
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and more than a dozen deaths. there is no evidence the caffeinated drinks caused any of the deaths or injuries, but an investigation is happening right now. the company says it is taking the reports very seriously. just last month the fda announced it was investigating five deaths related to monster energy drinks. happy new year, today marks the high holiday for seafood lovers. the opening of crab season. the docks on fishermen's wharf were buzzing. the crabs were hardly unloaded before they were trucked off to seafood suppliers across our state. fishermen were on strike over a pay dispute this time last year. this year, no problems. processors agreed to pay them a higher rate of $3 a pound which means a higher rate of prices for we the consumers. >> it looks very fresh and delicious. triple the pleasure in a big
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a sacramento couple became instant celebrities when they had the world's largest triplets. brittany and jason dean drew chuckles from reporters they confessed that two kids were enough and three too many. they used no fertility drugs. at a combined weight of more than 20 pounds, the 5-day-old boys set a new world record. she carried the babies 37 weeks, almost to term. the biggest baby is still hospitalized, but his breathing and eating continue to improve. 5.5 pound jensen and 7 pound elliott are still at home. >> did you say 20 pounds total? >> yes. all in your belly.
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all out now. bundles of joy. let's see what we have coming up. >> we're learning more about what the fbi took from inside the home of david petraeus' mistress. a revealing look at the unemployment numbers facing a growing number of people living in the south bay and the solutions being offered, that's at 6:00. >> brian williams is next, we'll see you again at 6:00. >> good night folks.
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m substant on the broadcast ton the edge of a possible new war in the middle east, ferocious fighting as rockets fly between israel and gaza, and there are fears of a war

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